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It creeps in like a silent thief,

Slipping in on tiptoe feet.

A whispered breath, a chilling breeze,

And suddenly, it's all you see.

It grips your heart with icy hands,

And paralyzes where you stand.

It whispers secrets in your ear,

And fills your mind with endless fear.

It lurks in shadows, hides in light,

And haunts you through the endless night.

It twists and turns, it shapes and molds,

And drives you mad as it unfolds.

It's the monster under your bed,

The voice inside your head.

It's the darkness in your soul,

And the fear that takes its toll.

It's the unknown and the unseen,

The terror that you can't unsee.

It's the horror that you can't escape,

The fear that never takes a break.

So beware the fear that lurks inside,

And keep it locked and buried deep inside.

For once it's out, it's hard to hide,

And it will always be by your side.

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